Kvinde på spinningcykel

Whether you’re driving in the local bike club or just want to get some exercise, we have the very right type of spinning for you. There is room for everyone regardless of age or gender. You can choose to spin because you want to lose weight, want to strengthen your heart-lung circulation or just because you think spinning is the best/awsome!
Get to know your own body, find out how to push youself to the limted. Get a nice feeling in your body before, during and after training!
Some members chosen to invested in a Training Computer, in order to challenge themselves.

We adjust our spinning programs together with our educated instructors. They will make sure to handpick some awesome music across all genres to guide you through your spinning session.

Spinning is based on a variety of structured spinning forms, for example:

  • interval
  • sprint training
  • heavy driving

There are always new challenges for you and one thing is for sure: You will get addicted to it!
Du bliver helt uden tvivl afhængig af det!

Look at the calendar to find the spinning session that fits best in your daily life.