Vægtstang og arme der er klar til at løfte

Are you a competitive person and aiming to set goals for/with your training?
Powerlifting at Rødby Motionscenter can contribute to both.

With more than 3.5 ton Eleiko discs, 6 pieces of original er-equipment racks and powersracks, etc., everyone can join.

As a beginner you are not left to yourself. Among our members we have a crowd of highly experienced practitioners, who will be available with coaching and advice for you. All you have to do is show up! Then we will be helping you to become a specialist in squat, benchpress and deadlift.

If you are competitive, then you can get a license for participation at competitions. However, this is not a requirement at all. You can easily be training just for the fun of it.

Rødby Powerlifting

In Rødby we are among the country’s best in the field of powerlifting. The history of Rødby lifting is long. We can proudly say that members of the national team and a list of champions started here:

  • Zealand champion
  • National champion
  • Nordic champion
  • European champion
  • World champion

SPowerlifting is taking place every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 4-6 pm.


Peter Eriksen with 25 years of experience.