At this gym, you can buy a body composition analyze, with a 93% accuracy* with our Inbody 570 bodyscanner.

*compare to a Dexa scanner

With the Inbody 570 body scanner, you get a 23 point analysis of your body.
Including weight, BMI, Muscle and fat mass in kg. Fat mass in procent, totally body fluid and so on.

A analysis provides a powerfull tool in junction with lifestile changes, Early discovery of age relatede sickness or changes in your body composition in the early stages of different diseases.
The graphical setup makes understanding of your values ​​and progress easy to understand.

To get the most accurate measurements, do the following each time:
* Make the measurements at roughly the same time each
* You should preferably not have eaten anything within
the last couple of hours.
* Exercise cardio, strength or otherwise been very physically
active within the last couple of hours.
* You recive a printout every time so you can follow your
* Contact the instructors for booking and assistance.


1 singel bodyscanning 49 kr.
5 trip cards 199 kr.

Guests of the gym
1 singel bodyscanning 99 kr.